Hand Wash Station

We recognize the importance of maintaining a clean environment, particularly in public locations and events. Here is where our Hand Wash Station comes in. A Hand Wash Station is a movable structure with a sink, water supply, and soap dispenser that allows individuals to clean their hands conveniently and quickly.

Hand Wash Stations Types

Single Basin Hand Wash Station: This type of Hand Wash Station, as the name implies, has a single sink and is great for small events and gatherings.

A Double Basin Hand Wash Station features two sinks and is ideal for larger events with considerable foot traffic.

Foot-Operated Hand Wash Station: This sort of Hand Wash Station has a pedal-operated system that allows individuals to wash their hands without touching any surfaces.

A Mobile Hand Wash Station is a portable machine with wheels that may be easily moved from one location to another.

Aspects of Hand Wash Stations

  1. Hands-free mode of operation
  2. Dispensers of soap
  3. Waste tank for freshwater
  4. Dispenser of towels
  5. Splash shields
  6. Foot pump (available in some models)
  7. Lightweight and portable

Hand Wash Stations Advantages

  • Renting a Hand Wash Station is a more cost-effective option than purchasing one, especially if you only require it for a short time.
  • Hygiene: A Hand Wash Station allows people to wipe their hands in a convenient and sanitary manner, lowering the risk of illness spread.
  • Compliance: Hand Wash Stations are required by law at many events and public areas, and renting one assures that you meet these requirements.
  • Convenience: Because our Hand Wash Stations are lightweight and portable, they may be used in a variety of settings.

Renting a Hand Wash Station is Essential When

  • Outside events: Renting a Hand Wash Station is a terrific method to ensure that your attendees have access to clean water and soap to clean their hands if you’re having an outside event.
  • Construction sites: Construction sites can be hazardous, therefore it is critical to have a clean atmosphere. A Hand Wash Station is a simple technique to ensure that employees have access to clean water and soap for hand washing.
  • Hand Wash Stations: Because festivals are frequently crowded, giving Hand Wash Stations is a fantastic method to guarantee that your guests keep good hygiene.


Hand Wash Station is a simple and sanitary solution for public spaces and events, and at Lakeland Porta Potty, we rent Hand Wash Stations to satisfy your needs. Our Hand Wash Stations are cost-effective, meet requirements, and provide convenience and hygiene to your visitors or employees. To learn more about our Hand Wash Station rental choices, please contact us immediately.